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Information Governance For Lawyers

  Is the legal function digitally blind in your company?

(cover) Information Governance For Lawyers 2011  
Then read Information Governance For Lawyers, a 48 page report published by EuropeanGC in April 2011, which was the first of its kind to sound the alarm bell for in-house legal departments on the increasingly costly issue of digital overload. We believe Information Governance For Lawyers will drive the risk agenda in most major companies this decade. Therefore a new educational process is urgently needed to help change the in-house legal mind-set on the intertwined disciplines of information governance and risk management. This report is an introduction to that process by balancing independent editorial with thought-provoking articles from General Counsel at BG Group, Novartis, ISS, and TomTom, and solution providers with Dolphin Software, H7b1, Legal Solutions Group, and Mitratech.

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  Download the full report here: download link (Note: You will be asked to log in before you can view this page. If you are not yet a member, registration is free for senior in-house lawyers.)


   How legal departments can prosper by generating revenue  (cover) The Profitable Legal Department

The Profitable Legal Department was our first general counsel-empowering report and was the first publication in the world to reveal the in-depth story of how the DuPont legal department had recovered more than a billion dollars for the company without resorting to litigation. This 36 page 'how to' guide was published in November 2010 and showed how legal departments can cease to be viewed purely as a cost centre in the company by proactively generating (or recovering) revenue - and may even become a profit centre. Based on exclusive insight and data provided by the DuPont in-house legal team who pioneered this program, we proved that literally millions of dollars could be recovered for the benefit of shareholders and the company. Download this report here.